Hello and Welcome to Blossom & Flair!

My name is Essa Angel and I live in the USA.

Our mission is to contribute to your happiness and comfort by offering specific premium quality products that you like and can utilize for every occasion, every errand, even every mood!

The aim of Blossom & Flair is to design stylish products that are simple, colorful and beautiful focusing mainly on floral themes. Only a small number of the items we carry are not floral-themed. We want you to look beautiful, be happy and comfortable when you utilize our products.

As we strive to provide merchandise for you to enjoy, our product line up features dresses, cardigans, a versatile tote bag and comfortable oversized snug hoodies. These products are not just accessories, they are investments that are both stylish, practical and functional, designed with your taste to contribute to your mood, comfort and wardrobe. So take a look around our store and find an item you like.

Do not hesitate to contact us for inquiries and comments. Thank you for shopping with us.