My name is Essa and I live in the Midwest USA. Our focus is to design stylish solutions that are simple, colorful and beautiful for you to enjoy. With that, we strive to offer specific premium quality versatile products that you can use for every occasion, every errand, even every mood!

First in our product line up is the Handbag/Tote; currently designed for floral lovers, sports fans and patriots because we personally share a connection in these 3 areas. The beauty of this handbag is the fabric can be utilized as a scarf, a cover-up, or a gift-wrapper: 2 gifts in one. Surely you will also find other uses for it.

Our line up continues with the carry-all pouch, a range of beautiful dresses and the cardigan.

These products are not just accessories, they are investments that are both stylish, practical and functional, designed with your taste to perfectly complete your wardrobe.

So Carry On! Tote Around our store, find an item you like and dress with Flair!